The Dallas County part of the West Des Moines metro area is currently one of the fastest growing places in America.  In just a four year period, population in that part of the western suburbs exploded by nearly 20 %.


God has given Westwood Baptist Church the unique privilege of reaching this booming area!  We are located close to the I-35 Mills Civic exit, making Westwood a quick drive from anyplace in the Des Moines metro area.  We are within walking distance of the largest shopping center in Iowa, and just a couple minutes' drive from major employers like Wells Fargo and Athene USA.


Westwood is an independent Baptist church.  "Independent" means we are self-governing.  Church members have the final say in all church decisions, not any outside group or denomination.  "Baptist" describes our beliefs.  We believe that the Bible is 100% true and that it, and not traditions or man-made rules, ought to be our final authority for faith and practice.

Westwood has chosen to affiliate itself with other like-minded churches through:


The Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches (IARBC) 


Westwood's pastors are also part of the Iowa Baptist Fellowship


Videos of Sunday morning worship services and Wednesday Bible studies are posted on the church Facebook page. We use the King James Bible for teaching and preaching. We sing mostly hymns, some new and some old. Our congregation includes people of all ages, and we welcome folks from all ethnics groups and ways of life. We invite you to visit, and see if Westwood can help you better know, love, and walk with Jesus Christ!