Nursery and Children’s Church

Westwood has a nursery for babies and toddlers, and a Sunday morning junior church for kids through 5th grade. If you want to keep your children with you, that’s OK too.


Kids4Truth meets on Wednesday nights for children ages 3-6. Kids4Truth has been called “systematic theology for kids.” Kids4Truth takes kids beyond salvation by discipling them and developing them in their Christian walk.

Kids4Truth emphasizes 12 doctrinal themes: God’s Word, the Trinity, the Greatness of God, God’s Creation, the Goodness of God, God’s View of You, God’s Law, God’s Purpose for His Children, Jesus Christ, God’s Work Past and Present, God’s Gift of Salvation, and God’s Plans for the Future.

Ladies Bible Study

Westwood offers a weekly ladies’ Bible study. The goal of the study is to provide an opportunity for Christian growth and fellowship, while taking an in-depth look at various books of the Bible. All women are welcome to attend, and you do not need to be a member of the church to participate. The ladies’ Bible study is currently meeting on Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM.

Senior Care Ministry

Westwood has a free ministry for seniors and the disabled who join our church. We want to be there for the emergencies of life, or when you need that little extra bit of help. We have volunteers who can offer things like rides, meals, help with chores, etc.


Addiction Ministry

Starting in the fall of 2024, Westwood is pleased to offer a weekly addictions Bible study for men. Our goal is to provide Scripture-based help for men struggling with drugs and alcohol, pornography, nicotine, gambling, and more. This is not a step program or talk session, but a Bible study that teaches men how to access God’s power to put off sins and live transformed, Christlike lives.

The Bible study focuses on 4 victory principles necessary for freedom from addiction:

1. W Walk in the Spirit

2. A  Amputate Temptations

3. R  Replace Sinful Behaviors with Good

4. S  Develop a Spiritual Mind

Teen Activities

In a world with so many negative influences, it is important for teenagers to spend time with other teens who are grounded in their faith and excited about walking with God! Westwood schedules fun and spiritually edifying teen activities every month.